Poem: Space in Love

Sacred bombs,

Midnight grass,

There is fire, there’s a blast-

Love is lost but can be found,

How many secular lifetimes will it take?

A break in the time line,

His life is fake.

His life-

not unconventional,

it’s not intoxicating, mind-blowing, vigorously addicting, soul-beating, fullness fleeting, and love craving.

His love is boring.

His woman is paradigmatic, socially normal, and unvaried,

She’s deep rooted on earth.

He’s the hanging leaf forever incapable of flying away in the wind.

The other being he lost- she’s the universe,

Both light and dark,

She’s the limitless solar system.

She’s┬áthe good and she’s the bad,

Something he wish he had.

Sacred bombs,

floating in the atmosphere,

Star dust-hot in here.

Planets upon planets,

Plutonic igneous granite,

Simple life or- complicated?

Love hard or-love easy?

Nothing worth it comes easy.

Eventually the leaf will desiccate, fall off, and perish.

The deep roots will be dug up and removed.

But the cosmos,

Cosmos will cheat time.


Poem: Stuck on Repeat

Ever hear that sound where the music stops and it’s out of bound,

Then the middle rift chimes in and you’re pressing the repeat button again?

Stuck on this one song you never want to end,

It’s beautifully composed, purposely chosen to put your emotions on edge, 

And the beat keeps zoning in and out of your head, but the lyrics got you focused on what’s about to come next…

Here she is again bustling around with the wrong man, 

Trying to understand if it’s the love he’s afraid of,

But really it’s just the fact she can’t leave him alone, 

Trying to open a heart of cold stone will get her feelings exposed and bruised, 

Have her all confused because she’s convinced he’s the right guy,

Turns out he’s just another fly by, 

Hits it, impregnates it, quits it, and flies high,

Her air miles extend big but he’s got her on stand by,

Just another plane of existence, another code of resistance she couldn’t factor,

Now she’s standing there alone-stomach getting fatter,

Worried about the latter,

Single moms dreams don’t matter,

Her song’s stuck on repeat.

Here’s a man finding himself a plan to make it to the big screen,

Wondering if it’s fate or just another pipe dream,

Mama couldn’t give him what he needed so he left,

Hmm wonder what comes next…

Just another let down credited to prove his philosophy,

All that love, never be alone, need friends, need someone to condone, that’s a falsity to him, 

Another society bred perception that it’s better to stand together than on your own but he could trust no one else but his own,

Tapping on his phone, 

Bumping to the same words that inspire him,

Make him feel different,

Like his whole world wasn’t just shifted,

But cliches are real and no one is special,

The man isn’t genius he’s just mental,

His song’s stuck on repeat.

Now here’s the part where the chorus breaks down,

A sound so loud the lyrics barely come out,

Man it cuts in deep though can’t you see?

A revelation is coming, a spark of belief,

That someone out there can relate to the misguided pain,

That no one listening to the same damn song over and over isn’t insane,

Isn’t to blame,

Can succeed in getting their fame,

Their name glorified, be sure their fine,

No more tear in their signs,

Got all the time in between that time of 3 minutes and 40 seconds…

Then a click, muffled sounds, rift chimes in, and the song starts all over again. 

Poem: We live here

Let us try to understand what we do not,

Let us try to see what we cannot see,

A different footstep, a different life,

An exchange of perspective of he and she, you to me, them to we, and they to us.

This is another unjust walk back in history.

Why we really hate remains a mystery, but nevertheless,

We are overzealous about war,

Quick to shut our doors,

To the hijab-wearing women,

To the Allah-praying beings,

Denying refuge to those who are fleeting.

The underdog is the abandoned dog, stripped of human kindness,

What’s left?

The headstones of the graves that bear the Jewish names?

To oppress that notion that we are all the same?

The Margaret Fullers who did’t live fuller because that sex was assumed inferior.

The interior of a country predicated on the idea we could be free,

he free to love him,

she free to love her,

her free to be a him,

him free to be a her,

Their characters free to be judged,

Not their religion,

Not their decisions,

Not their sex,



Family complexities,

Not based on where they’re from.

Haven’t we’ve always known all along,

that hatred is wrong?

Walk in his bare feet,

that drag amongst the cold concrete,

Amongst the homeless who don’t feed,

Amongst the servents of tyranny who bleed,

Those in need but cannot get ahead no matter what they do.

Opportunities are limited,

People look at you different,

Fear what they cannot envision,

Peace, peace within us all,

To be White and love a Black man like a brother,

To be a man and love a woman like his mother,

To walk the footsteps of the other,

To join hands and claim our land,

To stand together,

Forever and ever…

Let us try to understand.


Poem: Lethal Love

I am not who I want to be when I’m around you,

All my demons come out to play,

You are dangerous, it’s true,

Your presence leaves me with little to say,

And a woman who cannot speak her mind,

Is a woman who is the subservient kind.

I will not, be obedient to those fervent emotions,

I will not, succumb to those lethal vices,


You have the knife Doctor, my heart is open,

Another hit to the list of all my sacrifices,

This intense feeling is too heavy on my heart,

Because I know we were always meant to be apart.

I want to stay away but I can’t,

It’s a mystery to me how much we are connected,

Hypnotic man got me lost in a trance,

Risking my bliss, yes I regret it,

My conviction was getting too involved,

Our love’s a problem I cannot solve.


Poem: In amore vince chi fugge

Disconsolate miss accustomed to love’s demise,

Remains in desolate woe of a sickened life,

He who thought she pinning unwise

Dismissed her gloom, and so she continued strife,

Yet, still pleads for one last tender night,

Clings to the life of turning his heart into sight.

Her blackened epitome arose with end of end of end,

From the constant promises of glorious tomorrows,

In which she shifts his guilt, onto herself she condemns,

And built a room full of sorrows,

Where she hides her truest form,

A fluffed cloud caught in the storm.

But when awaken to bare beds,

Left with only but gentle impressions,

Comes an unfortunate revelation led,

In more he proclaims love-a masterful deception,

Nonetheless, unyielding her hopefulness,

That in time he will open his.

Poem: Rise to the Challenge

You were happy once,
I know this to be true,
You smiled once,
You were the best of you,
I saw that luminous glow gleam in your eyes,
I saw your stamina beam and realized,
There’s no one like you because of who you are and what you do,
You are truly true, you do a lot good too,
I saw a brilliant mind,
A heart that’s hard to find,
And a person so special until people hurt your vessel of self-love,
I knew suddenly then there was a darkness you couldn’t rise above,
You let them win,
And you shut the pain in,
I’m sorry old friend,
That your heart had to bend,
I’m sorry that you cry now,
And struggle finding out how,
You can live in a world with such hate…
It must be hard for you to concentrate,
On what you used to feel about yourself,
Faded misery staring back is someone else,
Don’t let them put out your fire,
Don’t let them turn off your light,
Keep that flame aglow, know they all desire to have you give up that fight,
You were always the one to do what’s right,
Don’t lose sight of who you are,
You’re the star,
And in this life you were destined to go far,
Put down those walls,
Don’t ever let them see you fall,
Put down that gun,
It’s not worth taking your life for just some,
Some of those negative people,
They don’t see whole,
They don’t know love or understand what it means,
Those people are unfortunate it seems,
To live a life without happiness and bring sadness onto others,
Maybe they don’t know what friendship is to be able to call someone brother,
Feel sorry they are not you,
Please let those embers blaze,
See yourself as divine too,
Because life will always be like a maze,
Tricky and terrifying,
Deception at every turn,
Maybe even death-defying,
But you’ll find your path if you just let it burn,
Let your soul burn,
Let your happiness arise,
Don’t let them be your demise,
Strong willed person having the glass shatter,
Don’t let people make you feel like you don’t matter,
They can be hallow burnt out candles,
You can be the sun.

Poem: It’s never too late

I see the stars glowing gold,
But that doesn’t stop me from growing old,
It’s a wonder how I got this far,
Maybe I could have stopped to look at the stars,
Maybe I could have witnessed something life-altering,
Then I wouldn’t be here faltering,
But I can’t look back now, it’s almost too late,
I wish it didn’t take me forever to understand what I have is great,
This love I could feel a billion times over,
And never get tired of him sleeping on my shoulder,
I could look him in the eyes and see a hint of glimmer,
And the world would never ever get dimmer,
I could hold her tight until she was fed up,
She’d push me away but I’d never give her up,
I wanted to for so long to just dance in the rain,
But I was too busy expecting everyone to bring me pain,
I shouldn’t have held on to grief for so long,
Now my time with happiness comes weary like a sad love song,
It’s bittersweet,
And it will be hard to meet,
My end….
But I know I should greet death like an old friend,
The wind stirring restlessly around my skin,
I have this sinking feeling,
That these times will soon be out of my grasp,
And the past will remain the past,
I guess good things can’t always last,
Or maybe it’s like the stars,
Out of reach but there always in our hearts,
There to see,
There to be,
There to feel warmth and loved,
I wish I didn’t take so long to look up above.